Our story is similar to our work approach:  holistic and relationship-oriented.


After several years in our previous fields, we left our home and jobs in 2012 for a year of skiing and contemplating our futures in Jackson Hole, WY. 


The risk led to a time of enjoying life, renewal, and friendships. We returned to Richmond, VA ready to take another risk by pursuing new careers which eventually led to starting our own company.

Through a fortunate connection with seasoned contractors, Ted Grivetti and Barry Pierce, we had the opportunity to learn, gain experience, and build relationships in the world of residential construction and renovation.

Focusing on exceptional service and quality work, we launched Tower 3 together in 2015. We love to create spaces that meet our clients’ needs and expectations, for the best possible experience from start to finish.

- James and Mark


Learn about our values.

Values like honesty, integrity, and dedication to the craft are essential to the work we do.