Tower 3, Three Years In

Where we started and where we're going: Reflections after three years of business

A common warning you receive when you decide to start a business with your best friend is that it could be tough. Your friendship may suffer, and then your business may suffer. Obviously, we didn’t listen, or we figured it was worth the risk. And it was. 

Here we are three years later, finding the opposite of those warnings to be true. Our friendship is what made starting Tower 3 possible, and it's the relationships we've maintained and formed that have made the experience, and our business, what it is today.

In the beginning, Mark and I were two brand new contractors ready to build something out of nothing. We worked tirelessly to develop every aspect of Tower 3, learning how to run a business and how to be in business together. We learned new things about ourselves and each other, and discovered that our differences would become our unique contributions. It isn’t always easy, but Tower 3 and our friendship have been strengthened through the process.


We knew from the beginning that the value of relationships wouldn’t stop with us but would extend to all the people who would intersect with Tower 3. Yet somehow we didn’t expect how rewarding and significant that piece would become. We’ve had countless experiences of customers-turned-friends and projects we didn’t want to end. We’ve also gained an extended family of employees and subcontractors by working side-by-side.

While we are proud that our business has tripled these past three years, it is good to look back and see that what we’ve built has been so much more than a company and that our values have contributed towards us being more than just general contractors. We continue to make sacrifices in order to invest the time required to make it all work, knowing that the relationships will be the momentum that keeps us moving forward to build great things for our customers.

-James Fifield